Enlarging Holes for Recessed Lights

Do you want to replace existing recessed lights with new recessed LED lights, but the new diameter is larger? Then you are facing the challenging task of centring the holes and enlarging them equally at each light. This is precisely the case for which we devised a solution with our hole enlarging tool!

Instructional Video

The video shows how you can use the hole enlarging tool to easily enlarge existing bore holes.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Selecting a hole enlarging tool that matches the existing hole diameter 

The hole enlarging tool consists of a conical plastic cylinder. It is available in three different sizes. Select the right size and screw the hole enlarging tool with the external thread into the existing hole. Use the insertion aid to tighten the fit in the borehole until it is securely fixed.


Step 2: Selecting the hole saw that matches the new diameter

Now insert the hole saw with the appropriate new diameter into your power drill or cordless screwdriver. The hole enlarging tool for existing hole dimensions of Ø 35–51 mm can be used with hole saws from Ø 60 mm, the tool for existing hole dimensions of Ø 46–62 mm with hole saws from Ø 68 mm and the tool for existing hole dimensions of Ø 54–70 mm with hole saws from Ø 76 mm.

Step 3: Starting the drilling with the hole saw

Before drilling, make sure the power to your work area has been switched off and that there are no power supply cables in the work area.

Position the centring drill bit of your hole saw in the drill bushing of the hole enlarging tool, and start drilling. The steel bushing is compatible with Ø 6 and 8 mm centring drill bits. The 3-part set also includes a steel bushing for Ø 10 mm centring drill bits. The bushing guarantees centred alignment with the existing borehole.

Drill into the material only slightly, until a milled groove has formed.

Step 4: Removing the hole enlarging tool and completing the drilling

After the initial light drilling, remove the hole enlarging tool from the existing hole. Subsequently place the hole saw back in the freshly created milled groove and complete the drilling.

As soon as you have drilled through the drywall board or wooden panel, you can put down the hole saw and remove the ring-shaped drill core. Now you can install the new recessed spotlights.

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