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Restoring Furniture

Restoring Wooden Furniture

Do you have an old piece of furniture that no longer matches your interior decorating? Many pieces of furniture have sentimental value, for example if they were inherited from a loved one.

Frequently only a little work is needed to make miracles happen and turn the old piece into a real eye-catcher.

The 7-piece furniture renovation set helps you to remove scratches, surface damage, varnish and paint residues from your piece of furniture.

Instructional Video: Restoring Furniture

In the video, you can see how you can give an old dresser a new look.

Restoring Wooden Furniture in 4 Steps

Our 4-piece set is perfect for sanding old wooden furniture.

1. Sanding larger surfaces

Sand larger surfaces with the flap wheel burnishing mop. The flexible material makes this task effortless. You can quickly and efficiently complete the rough and fine sanding.

2. Sanding smaller surfaces

The rotary flap wheel sander is perfect for smaller surfaces and tight gaps. You can use it to quickly and thoroughly sand smaller surfaces, without excessive material removal.

3. Sanding corners and contours

With the hand-held sander, do the corners and contours of your piece of furniture.

4. Finish sanding

The steel wool pad is suitable for the final fine sanding.

Now the piece of furniture is free from paint residue and you can oil, wax or paint it as you desire.  


Furniture Renovation Set, 7 Pcs.

The all-in-one set for restoring wooden items of furniture