Restoring Wood

Refurbishing Wood

Refurbish wooden furniture, window frames, railings, doors and gates

Wood used for outdoor elements gives homes, yards and gardens a special allure. Wooden furniture, window frames and shutters, balustrades and railings, doors and gates give a natural impression of high quality – especially if they are well-maintained.

To restore aged outdoor wooden elements to their former glory, it is best to take a multi-step approach. Our practical kit for working on wood outdoors is a great help. It contains everything you need for cleaning, rough sanding and fine sanding.

Instructional video: Refurbishing Wood

Watch the video to learn how to use our kit to refurbish wood outdoors quickly and easily, in just 4 steps.
Watch the video to learn how to use our set to refurbish wood outdoors quickly and easily, in just 4 steps.

Refurbishing Wood in 4 Steps

Step 1: Rough sanding with the flap wheel burnishing mop

Weathered wood is delicate and care has to be taken not to lose too much material substance during the intensive cleaning. The flap wheel burnishing mop mounted in a cordless screwdriver is perfect for this purpose. Gently and quickly strip paint and varnish residues off large surfaces.

Step 2: Sanding small surfaces

Use a smaller flap wheel burnishing mop for small surfaces.

Step 3: Sanding contours and areas that are hard to reach

Areas that are hard to reach and contours need to be carefully treated by hand. A special corner sander with exchangeable sanding medium makes it easy to remove material in each and every corner.

Step 4: Finishing up with fine sanding

A burnishing pad takes care of the fine sanding and optimally adapts to the contours of the workpiece.  

Woodworking Set, 7 Pcs.

The all-in-one set for renovation of wood outdoors

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