Whistleblower Policy 

responsibility to uphold ethical standards and laws.

We appreciate the importance of whistleblowers who inform the company about suspected or actual breaches of the law, business ethics or internal policies. We want to ensure that we handle information of this kind in a confidential and respectful way. 

The following policies apply to all wolfcraft employees, regardless of their position or employment status: 

1. Definition of Whistleblowing 

Whistleblowing refers to the disclosure of a breach of the law, business ethics or internal policies by an employee of wolfcraft.  

2. Protection of Whistleblowers 

wolfcraft protects whistleblowers against retaliatory measures, such as dismissal, termination, warnings or discrimination. Whistleblowers can have their identity kept confidential, provided they are not required to reveal themselves for legal or regulatory reasons. 

3. Reporting Mechanisms 

wolfcraft offers a number of reporting mechanisms for whistleblowers. In addition to an anonymous reporting portal, whistleblowers can also use an e-mail address (compliance@wolfcraft.com) that can only be accessed by authorised individuals.  

4. Investigation Procedure 

wolfcraft will carefully investigate all whistleblower reports and take all necessary steps to remedy the breach and protect the whistleblower. We will regularly update whistleblowers on the status of their report, provided this does not violate laws or internal policies. 

5. Immunity from Prosecution 

wolfcraft will not take action against whistleblowers who act in good faith in reporting breaches of the law, business ethics or internal policies.  

We are determined to ensure that anyone who makes false allegations or knowingly reports a whistleblower will be held responsible. We will take appropriate measures to ensure that the integrity of the whistleblower system is safeguarded and that the system is fair and safe for everyone involved. 

wolfcraft is committed to handling all whistleblower reports with the utmost care and ensuring that whistleblowers have a safe and protected environment in which to work. We call on all employees to support our commitment to upholding ethical standards and laws and to inform us of any breaches that might harm the company

You can find more information here: wolfcraft GmbH privacy policy for the internal reporting system.