Helpers for gluing furniture, picture frames and doors

Clamping and Fixing

Clamps – Problem Solvers for All Projects

Routing, drilling, sawing or gluing – whatever the task, clamps are needed

Clamping tools are used for fixing parts, or for pressing and joining work and are indispensable helpers for safely and effectively routing, drilling, sawing or gluing. In a nutshell: no workshop can do without them.

One-Hand Clamps

Indispensable helpers in every workshop

The one-hand clamp makes it possible to strongly clamp or expand workpieces with ease – using only a single hand. The large rubberised clamping areas protects delicate or varnished surfaces against scratches and ensure an even contact pressure.

The adjustable spacing guides ensure easy and precise placement of the one-hand clamp when gluing furniture.

Tip: Tip: The one-hand clamp can be converted into a spreader in just a few steps.

One-Hand Clamp Adapters

This connector for our one-hand clamps is a useful accessory that makes large spans of up to 1.95 m possible. With the innovative adapter, two wolfcraft one-hand clamps can be combined into one longer one.

It is the ideal accessory for gluing furniture or assembling large components.

Screw Clamps

A woodshop without clamping tools is unimaginable, and no woodworker can do without the good old screw clamp.

With our screw clamp, high clamping forces can be accurately applied as needed. The ergonomic handle made of 2K plastic and the galvanised spindle with trapezoidal thread ensure excellent distribution of force onto the workpiece. The support surfaces at the front face of the clamping arms are highly practical; they can be used to place the clamped workpieces in a stable position on the back of the clamp.

The grooved surfaces of the clamping jaws tighly hold the workpiece. The clamping arm consists of a high-quality galvanised cavity-profile bar which provides absolute stability, even when working with large spans.

Corner Clamps

The corner clamps provide completely new options in the workshop and hobby room. You can fix shelves, picture frames and furniture at 90° and fasten their screws with ease, and it is possible to drill and screw in a single step.

The corner clamps are suitable for board thicknesses of 10 - 22 mm and adapt automatically. It is also possible to clamp together boards with different thicknesses. The one-hand operation is particularly practical – one hand always remains free for other tasks.

Tip: Tip: Corner clamps are excellent for gluing picture frames or building shelves.

Corner Clamps

For quick and easy fixing of boards and frames at a 90° angle, for example when assembling shelves, small cupboards or frames

One-Hand Frame Clamps

With the one-hand frame clamp, repairing picture frames, drawers or chairs is no problem at all. 

This tool is ideal for quick preliminary clamping and enables you to clamp in stages – from sensitive to vigorous. The elastic clamping jaws firmly hold the objects during the clamping procedure.<br/> <br/>  

Spring Clamps and Ratchet Clamps

Spring clamps and ratchet clamps are very versatile and can be used for fixing nets, cables, decorative elements or lights in place quickly and easily. Suitable for: 

  • Crafts and repairs in the household 
  • Camping and gardening
  • Delicate work on models