Warranty statement

Dear DIY enthusiast,

You have purchased a high-quality wolfcraft® product which we know you will enjoy using. All wolfcraft® products are built to high technical standards and undergo intensive development and testing before leaving the factory. Constant checks and regular tests during their production ensure a high standard of quality. Sound technical developments and reliable quality assurance give you the certainty that you have made the right purchase decision.

For this wolfcraft® product, we grant you a 5 or 10 year warranty – as marked on the product – from the date of purchase, provided the product is used exclusively for DIY purposes.

The warranty is free of charge and applies in the territory of the European Union, Switzerland, the UK and Norway.

This warranty only covers damage to the purchased item itself and only such damage that is attributable to material or manufacturing defects. At our discretion and at our expense, we will rectify any faults either through repairs, or by supplying new or overhauled parts.

This warranty does not affect your contractual or statutory rights against the respective seller for supplementary performance, rescission, reduction, compensation for damages or expenses.

This warranty does not cover defects or damage attributable to improper operation or inadequate maintenance of the product. Moreover, the warranty does not include the effects of normal wear, or defects or damage known to the customer upon conclusion of the purchase contract.

Claims under the warranty can only be asserted by notifying wolfcraft in writing within a cut-off period of two months after the defect or damage occurred, or in the case of faults that are not immediately noticeable, within two months after their discovery. The claim notification needs to include the original invoice with the date of purchase. The cost for shipping and returning the product will be paid by wolfcraft. However, if wolfcraft or the responsible customer service has specified a certain carrier for the shipment and the customer commissions a different carrier, wolfcraft will not pay the cost of the shipment.

This warranty is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. You are entitled to invoke the statutory provisions of your home country, if these are more favourable.


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