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Hand Tools and Project Solutions

For Do-It-Yourselfers and Craftspersons


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Flood disaster on the Ahr in Rhineland-Palatinate

29 July 2021

As a company with regional roots, we also want to use our opportunities to support those affected.

wolfcraft wins German Brand Award 2021

30 June 2021

A few days ago, wolfcraft was named an "Excellent Brand" in the "Tools and Gardening" category by the German Design Council for its laminate sets and the associated consumer-oriented thinking and communication.

Angle Bevel is now available in the UK

20 May 2021

The new angle clamp is now available in the UK. The angle bevel is a clever solution for conveniently measuring angles and then transferring them to the workpiece.

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Top products at a glance

The hand truck for all your needs - convenient and space-saving

The professional one-hand clamp - clamping and opening with just one hand

For uniform fastening of deck boards

The complete set for fast, precise deck installation

Complete sets for invisible fastenings

Drill gauge for perfect corner, T-butt and edge-to-edge joints in boards/wood

The professional cutter for vinyl and laminate

2-in-1 product for precise baseboards

Standard press with comfort extras

The complete set for fitting door frames

For tracing and transferring cutting lines

For processing three-dimensional workpieces

For quick and easy fixing of boards and frames at a 90° angle, for example when assembling shelves, small cupboards or frames

For measuring, marking, drawing and guided cutting

For easily sawing baseboards, branches, or plastic pipes

Quality Through Own Manufacturing Competence

For 70 years, the wolfcraft brand has stood for high quality through its own manufacturing expertise. With 630 employees, its own development department and a total of 10,500 square meters of production space, wolfcraft generates a large part of its own added value.