Innovative Tile Cutters for Amateurs and Professionals

Cutting Tiles

If you want to lay a tile floor yourself, you have to cut edge tiles to size – and to get clean, straight cuts on your edges, you need a tile cutter.

Innovative Technology Eliminates the Frustration

Tile floors are popular for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and basements. They are also used in garages and on decks.

If you want to lay a tile floor yourself, you have to cut edge tiles to size – and to get clean, straight cuts on your edges, you need a tile cutter.

But who doesn't know the frustration of cuts gone wrong? Customary tile cutters frequently are difficult to handle for beginners, resulting in unclean cuts and a lot of waste cuts.

Innovative technology from wolfcraft solves these problems and helps both amateurs and professionals to get their tile projects done.

Cutting Tiles like Professionals

Perfect results for all beginners

The TC 670 Expert is a robust, precision tile cutter that is ideal for ceramic tiles as well as fine stoneware with cutting lengths of up to 67 cm. The best part? Once adjusted, it delivers perfect repeat cuts.

A cutter that knows the score

When working with the TC 670 Expert, there is no need to feel your way to the right adjustment. You adjust the correct contact pressure once to the tile thickness of 4 - 14 mm. The pressure then remains constant throughout the scoring process, and guarantees a clean break. This ensures repeat cuts with consistent results from the first tile to the last.

No strong muscles needed

Thanks to its innovative mechanism and the precision guide with grooved ball bearings and C-profile rails, you can score and break tiles in one pass with almost no force at all.<br/> The low-maintenance, precision guide using grooved ball bearings and C-profile rails allows you to move the cutting wheel made of solid tungsten carbide over the tile with one hand.

Breaking the tile is easy

Without changing the position of the plate, the tile can now be broken. The TC 670 Expert has an integrated breaking wedge with lever transmission. Simply push the ergonomically designed handle down and you're done!

nnovative cutting technology – set once for perfect cuts every time.

Tile Cutters for Craftsmen

Professional tools for daily use

Over the past decades, tile cutters with solid wood or metal plates have become the tools of choice for professional craftsmen.

Professionals, of course, are able to score and break tiles cleanly with a flick of the wrist, but even they can profit from improved technology. Our tile cutters offer these advantages:

  • Smooth and effortless cutting
  • Accurate breaking

All in a single time-saving, continuous workflow.

Parallel Stop for TC 670 Tile Cutter

For cutting long tiles on TC 670 Tile Cutters

TC 710 PW Tile Cutter

The traditional tile cutter

TC 670 "Expert" Tile Cutter

The cutter for large tiles – adjust once for perfect repeat cuts

TC 600 Tile Cutter

The basic tile cutter

TC 460 Tile Cutter

The tile cutter for small sizes

TC 610 W Tile Cutter

The compact tile cutter on a wooden base plate

TC 710 PM Tile Cutter

The professional tile cutter with clever breaking mechanism

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