Transport Systems

Crates of bottled water, sports equipment, a bag of potting soil or a heavy washing machine or refrigerator – in everyday life, there are lots of situations where we have to mind our backs when lifting, carrying and transporting objects.

Foldable Hand Trucks

Our hand trucks are robust, foldable and quick to store away. They help you to transport garden furniture, firewood, sports equipment, flower pots and much more.

Furniture dollies

Furniture dollies make it easier to roll large objects, such as washing machines, couches, flower pots or potting soil.

Carrying Handles

It is the perfect stair-climbing aid for heavy loads, like washing machines or refrigerators.

Foldable Hand Trucks

With these hand trucks, you can easily transport loads of up to 200 kg.

TS 850 Transport System

The hand truck for all your needs – convenient and space-saving

TS 850 Offroad Transport System

The robust hand truck for gardens and outdoor terrain

TS 600 Transport System

The mobile hand truck – foldable and sturdy

TS 1500 Transport System

The high-performance professional hand truck

TS 300 Transport System

The compact hand truck

Our Transport Systems in Comparison

  TS 300 TS 600 TS 850 TS 1500 TS 1000 TS 850 Offroad
Load capacity 30 kg 70 kg 100 kg 200 kg 200 kg 100 kg
Dimensions of base plate 32 x 25 cm 42 x 27.5 cm 49 x 28 cm 59 x 37 cm 32 x 27 cm 49 x 28 cm
Deadweight 3.0 kg 3.9 kg 5.6 kg 10.4 kg 15 kg 5.8 kg
10 year manufacturer warranty
Made in Europe
Max. height 91 cm 104 cm 110 cm 124 cm 126 cm 110 cm

Furniture dollies

The additional functions offered by these furniture dollies provide added benefits when transporting cumbersome loads.

FT 300 Furniture Dolly, splittable

Furniture dolly with 3-in-1 function: compact, split or V-shaped extension

FT 400 Puzzle Board Furniture Dollies

Set of 2 furniture dollies, can be extended as desired

FT 350 B Furniture Dolly, splittable, with handle

Furniture dolly with 5-in-1 function: panel cart and flat trolley or furniture dolly with three different load-bearing surfaces

Stair-Climbing Aids

With the carrying handle, you can conveniently carry heavy objects.

Washing Machines, Refrigerators & Co.

When the washing machine has to go up to the third floor, the carrying handle for the TS 850 or 1500 Transport System saves the day. It is simply locked into the crossbar of the TS.

And just like that, the hand truck becomes a stair-climbing two-man transport system with which you can move washing machines, refrigerators and other heavy objects up and down the stairs without breaking your back.

Stair-climbing aid for heavy loads up to max. 100 kg

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