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MASTER cut 2500 Saw Table and Work Station

The multifunctional 6-in-1 machine table

  • Use as a saw bench, guided circular saw bench, jigsaw table, milling table, mitre saw table, workbench
  • High-quality stops and guide rail for guided cuts
  • Mobile use and space-saving storage
10 Jahre Garantie

Made in Europe

TÜV Rheinland GS

FSC C008243


Product description

The multifunctional MASTER cut 2500 saw table combines six functions in one product. Since it can be used as a work station, circular saw bench, guided circular saw bench, jigsaw table, mitre saw table and milling table with the optional accessory, the MASTER cut 2500 is ideally suited to all trades involved in interior works. Thanks to the removable riving knife, it is one of the few machine tables that can also be used with circular saws without a riving knife. The machine plate is height-adjustable, offering you a flat transition to the worktop even with heavy machines. When used as a circular saw bench, the parallel stop permits guided cuts up to a cutting width of 570 mm and a cutting length of 740 mm. The angle stop is equipped with spring-guided compensation and gliding elements. It permits a convenient series of angular cuts of up to 120°. The machine table can hold even solid wood boards with ease thanks to its load capacity of 120 kg. Once the work is done, the MASTER cut 2500 can be folded up compactly and stored. With just one product you are reliably and effectively prepared for countless challenges around the home.  


Circular saw bench function 
ideal for smaller workpieces that can be pushed across the table 
parallel cuts up to a cutting width of 570 mm and a cutting length of 740 mm 
mitre cuts between 0 and 120° thanks to the angle stop 
special stop guide with spring-guided compensation and gliding elements 
removable riving knife, ensuring compatibility with machines with and without riving knife 
Guided circular saw function 
with wolfcraft guide rail and clamping jaws 
ideal for sawing big panels and boards thanks to the 80 cm long aluminium stop 
stop slide for precise repetitive cuts can be set to any angle between 0 and 70° 
the aluminium machine plate enables a change from circular saw bench to guided sawing with the guide rail in seconds 
Jigsaw table function 
ideal for curved cuts 
unobstructed view of the marked line 
easy guidance of the workpiece by hand 
Milling table function 
accessory - parallel milling stop (art. no. 6901000) turns the MASTER cut 2500 into a real router table 
height-adjustable drop-in plate for smooth transitions 
warning: use of the router table is only allowed in combination with the parallel milling guide (art. no. 6901000)! 
Mitre saw function 
compatible with all mitre saws thanks to the multifunctional hole pattern in the table plate 
Mobile work station function 
the big work surface made of impact resistant MDF offers many clamping possibilities 
robust and stable thanks to a sturdy base frame and a height-adjustable foot 
easy transport thanks to the light aluminium construction 
foldable legs for ergonomic work on the ground 
mobile: versatile use and space-saving storage 
robust and stable: stable base frame with a load-bearing capacity of up to 120 kg, height-adjustable foot 

Technical data

Product dimensions (W x D x H) 1,185 x 757 x 863 mm
Dimensions of folded product 1,085 x 757 x 213 mm
Product weight 24 kg
Worktop 1,035 x 695 mm
Working height 863 mm
Table plate material MDF, aluminium 
Base frame material Metal 
Load capacity 120 kg
Additional product specification max. height of the work piece for the circular saw bench and guided circular saw functions: 60 mm 
max. cutting width with parallel stop as table saw: 570 mm 
max. cutting length with guide bar: 740 mm 
diameter of clamping holes 20 mm 
in accordance with DIN EN 62841 
Machine area of working tables for circular hand saws with riving knife, up to a maximum cutting depth of 70 mm, saw blade diameter of 200 mm and the specified maximum base plate dimensions (see pictogram); must only be used with appropriate knife insert! 
circular hand saws that do not have a riving knife can only be used in combination with riving knife art. no. 6916000 (up to max. 160 mm blade diameter) or riving knife art. no. 6917000 (from 161 up to max. 200 mm blade diameter). 
for routers with max. 230 V, max. 1800 W, maximum base plate diameter: 170 mm; maximum base plate height: 20 mm; for maximum router diameters of 27 mm; must only be used with parallel milling stop (art. 6901000)! 
for all jigsaws 


Cordless power tools must not be installed in the MASTER cut, as they cannot be connected to the safety switch. 

Scope of delivery

1 MASTER cut 2500 Saw Table and Work Station 
1 switch clamp 
1 push stick 
1 safety shield 
1 EU safety switch 
4 clamping jaws 
3 knife inserts for circular hand saws and routers 
1 guide rail 1150 mm 
1 15 mm insert ring for router 
1 25 mm insert ring for router 
2 angle stops 
1 parallel stop 

Shops Article number Contents Safety switch variant EAN
6902000 1 with safety switch (EU version) 4006885690202
6902506 1 with safety switch (GB/IRL version) 4006885690257
6902612 1 with safety switch (CH version) 4006885690264
ID Name
115960162 Clamping piece 6911
115980437 Eccentric lever and bolt 6900, 6902, 6907, 6909, 6918
115980468 Clamp assembly group 6900
115980493 EU safety switch (from 03.2012), old no. 117920072
115980715 MDF worktop 6902
115980718 Table leg bracket 1, 6902, 6909, 6918
115980719 Table leg bracket 2, 6902, 6909, 6918
115980720 Lamellar plug assembly group with rubber pad 6902, 6909, 6918
115980722 Safety shield clip AG 6902, 6907, 6918
115980724 Angle stop assembly group 6902 / 6165
115980725 Parallel stop holder assembly group, Right 6902, 6907, 6918
115980726 Parallel stop holder assembly group, left 6902, 6907, 6918
115980727 Guide rail assembly group 6902
115980763 Machine plate assembly group 6902
115980764 Fastening assembly group for machine plate 6902
115980765 Height-adjustable foot assembly group 6902, 6907, 6909, 6918
115980766 Worktop assembly group for machine table 6900, 6902
115980767 Stop rail assembly group 6902, 6918
115980768 Parallel stop assembly group 6902, 6907, 6918 (old no. 119800025)
116106902 Packaging, base 1147x769.5x205mm, 6902, 6909, 6918
116116902 Packaging, cover 1178x781x204 mm 6902
116306902 Manual 6902
116410114 Sliding stop 6902, 6918
116610180 Safety shield 6165, 6900 - 6918
116610272 Push stick 6165, 6830, 6900, 6907, 6918
116610273 Switch clamp for circular hand saws (old no. 116620100)
116610635 Install.foot, rubber pad 6902,6909,6918
116620528 Split insert, circular hand saw FS 6902
116620529 Split insert, router 6902, 6907, 6918
116620530 Split insert, circular handsaw 6900, 6902, 6907, 6918
116710193 Set screw M6x6, DIN 913 6911
117920043 Safety switch, CH version; for machine tables
117920073 Safety switch, GB, IRL version; for machine tables
119916902 Accessory bag 1, 6900, 6902, 6907, 6918 (old no. 119906900)
119926902 Accessory bag 2, 6902
119936902 Accessory bag 3, 6871 / 6902 / 6909 / 6918
119946902 Accessory bag 4 6902