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Idea and research

Oliver, a 53-year old family man, recounts:

"Our family loves DIY projects. We have long wanted a garden shed that we can use as a workshop for our projects in winter. My wife Carla looked at ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. I watched the YouTube videos of a few influencers.

We quickly knew that we wanted to build and decorate the garden shed ourselves, using a construction kit as the basis. Apart from the right tools, we also needed a mobile clamping and working table."

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Overwhelmed in the home improvement store

"We ordered the construction kit for the garden shed online.

On Saturday, we went to the home improvement store to get the right tools and look for a working table.

Unfortunately, we were completely out of our depth in the store and didn't know what exactly we needed. So we went back home and did some more research."

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Continuing the journey on the Internet

"I watched some more videos and then found the MASTER 650 ERGO on MrHandwerk's channel. The influencer not only recommended this working table, but also some other wolfcraft tools that were of great help to him during various projects. I noticed that they were also available at the home improvement store near us. 

A few days later, I went back there and bought the working table and all the tools we needed. In the mean time, the construction kit arrived."

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Building the garden shed

"Now we were finally able to start building the garden shed. The table was a great help: working on it is fun and since its height is adjustable, it is very kind to our backs.

The construction work took three weeks, then we were ready to hold our first barbecue.

We will certainly be using the MASTER 650 Ergo for many future projects as well. You could say it has become a member of the family." 

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Great company along the journey

 With wolfcraft, you have a strong partner by your side.

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