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MASTER 750 ERGO Clamping and Machine Table

Height-adjustable clamping and machine table

  • for mitre saws and wolfcraft drill stands, for versatile, ergonomic work
  • swivelling tabletop with quick adjuster for conveniently and quickly shifting the front tabletop for faster clamping
  • Frame made of sturdy steel pipe with quick-folding function for space-saving storage and transport; load capacity of up to 125 kg
TÜV Rheinland GS

10 Jahre Garantie

Made in Europe

FSC C008243

Product description

Whether it is used as clamping table or machine table – wolfcraft's MASTER 750 ERGO provides an ergonomic design, safety and versatility in all aspects. The table can be height-adjusted between six different levels in the range of 725 - 950 mm to find your individual height for working comfortably without strain on your back. Thanks to the snap-in points at every level and the lockable extension, the MASTER 750 ERGO also offers maximum safety when used with machines. You can simply fasten your mitre saw or wolfcraft drill stand (art. no. 5027000 and 3406000) in position on the tabletop. 
A special extra feature of the MASTER 750 ERGO is its quick adjuster. You can unlock the quick adjuster by pulling the levers at the left and right underneath the tabletop and move the front tabletop closer to the workpiece quickly and conveniently. Now just turn the cranks 2-3 times to safely and securely clamp the workpiece. No time-consuming cranking until the workpiece is reached is necessary. 
As clamping table, the MASTER 750 ERGO provides a horizontal clamping width of 130 mm between the tabletop boards and 425 mm between the supplied large plastic clamping jaws. In the highest position, you can also easily vertically clamp workpieces with a width of 110 mm or less. The clamping jaws are equipped with a reversible painting tip that makes it easy to paint workpieces and saves you time. If you want to raise the workpiece, use the side that is equipped with the support pin with anti-slip support. The two additional pipe clamps reliably hold round workpieces in position as well. 
The MASTER 750 ERGO also excels as a working table, offering ergonomic working and flexibility. The adjustable tabletops made of coated MDF with FSC certification have chamfered edges and offer a work surface with a variable size of 680 x 390-520 mm. Additionally the tabletop can be continuously swivelled through 60° for use as a working table. The sturdy base frame made of high-quality tubular steel has a quick-folding system for flexible transport and space-saving storage. Thanks to the anti-slip rubber pads under the feet, you can safely lean the table against the wall in its folded state. 
Although the MASTER 750 ERGO offers a high load capacity of up to 125 kg, it weighs only 13.2 kg. The chamfered carrying recess and the oval, smooth aluminium bar make it easy to transport the table. The ergonomic design of the large clamping table also offer other convincing details: The plastic clamping jaws or tools can be stored in the tool ledge, which offers integrated holders. 
The basic elements of the MASTER 750 ERGO are preassembled in order to make getting it ready for use shortly after delivery an easy and fast process. Thanks to the high quality made in EU, the product has a guaranteed service life of 10 years. The MASTER 750 ERGO is certified by the TÜV (German technical inspection authority), which means you can be confident that you are getting a safe quality product. 


height-adjustable in six steps from 725 - 950 mm, for ergonomic working 
snap-in points and lockable extension ensure safety when machines are used 
fastening options for mitre saws and wolfcraft drill stands (art. no. 5027000 and 3406000), for versatile, ergonomic working 
quick adjuster for conveniently and quickly shifting the front tabletop 
can be continuously swivelled through 60°, for a versatile range of possible uses 
vertical clamping of workpieces up to a width of 110 mm possible at the highest level 
horizontal clamping width of 130 mm between the tabletop boards and 425 mm between the plastic clamping jaws 
4 large plastic clamping jaws with anti-slip supports – with reversible painting tip that helps save time when painting workpieces + anti-slip support rest for raising the workpiece 
2 pipe clamps for holding round material 
with quick-folding function for space-saving storage and transport 
made of sturdy tubular steel with a load capacity of up to 125 kg; versatile 
tabletops made of coated MDF with FSC certification have chamfered edges and provide a work surface of 680 x 390-520 mm 
chamfered carrying recess and oval, smooth aluminium bar for convenient transport 
tool ledge with holders for storing the plastic clamping jaws or other tools 
feet with anti-slip rubber pads allow the folded table to be leaned against the wall safely 
easy assembly in just a few additional easy steps, as the base elements are preassembled 
quality made in EU, with a 10-year warranty 
Quality tested by technical inspection authority for safety 

Technical data

Product dimensions (W x D x H) 680 x 700 x 950 mm
Dimensions of folded product 680 x 190 x 970 mm
Product weight 13.2 kg
Working heights 725–950 mm
Worktop 680 x 390 mm
Clamping width, max. 130 mm
Clamping width with clamping jaws, max. 425 mm
Tiltable worktop, max. 60°
Table plate material MDF 
Load capacity 125 kg
Additional product specification Height adjustment in six steps 

Scope of delivery

1 MASTER 750 ERGO Clamping and Machine Table 
4 plastic jaws for clamping workpieces horizontally 
2 pipe clamps  
fastening material for mounting stationary devices 

Shops Article number Contents EAN
6871000 1 4006885687103

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ID Name
115960637 Lower strut, anthracite 6871
115980289 Crank assembly group 6179 / 6181 / 6182RE / 6816 / 6870 / 6871
115981067 MDF panel, rear 6871
115981069 MDF panel, front 6871
115981102 Pin + 2 Serrated Rings 6177/6871
115981105 Crossbeam assembly, left 6871
115981106 Crossbeam assembly, right 6871
115981107 Base frame assembly, front 6871
115981160 Baugruppe Untergestell vorn 6871
116610141 Cap 6179 / 6182 / 6871
116610160 Connecting piece 6182 / 6871
116620674 Foot buffer, front 6871
116620675 Foot buffer, rear 6871
117710142 Rubber Foot 4522, 5550-5559, 6166, 6907, 6933, 6939, 6940, 6948, 6871
119906871 Accessory bag 6871
119936902 Accessory bag 3, 6871 / 6902 / 6909 / 6918
140006871 Packaging, base 6871
141006871 Packaging, cover 6871
143006871 Manual 6871