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TS 850 Offroad Transport System

The robust hand truck for gardens and outdoor terrain

  • extra-wide profile tyres and reinforced wheel mounts offer grip and ensure offroad capability on practically all surfaces
  • quick-folding system with telescopic handlebar and central lock button for space-saving storage
  • max. 100 kg load capacity, 3-point fixing and sturdy cross bar for easy tilting
Made in Europe

10 Jahre Garantie

Product description

Whether you're on a building site, in the garden or in the woods, the more adventurous the terrain, the greater pleasure you will get from using the offroad transport system from wolfcraft. With a load capacity of up to 100 kg, the TS 850 Offroad makes transporting heavy items outdoors easier for you. The puncture-proof, extra-wide profile wheels, measuring 18 cm in diameter, are perfect for gardens and other outdoor terrain. The wheel mount reinforcements give you greater stability and shock absorption. Simply tilt the trolley using the stable cross bar and off you go. Even on soft ground and steps, loads can be manoeuvred effortlessly and securely. There is also plenty of space for loads on the sturdy 49 x 28 cm cast aluminium base plate. The two arched back struts secure the material being transported and are perfect for round items such as flower pots or gas bottles. Thanks to the quick-folding mechanism, the TS 850 Offroad is ready to use in the blink of an eye. The rounded, rubberised grip bar can be raised up to 110 cm for fatigue-free, ergonomic transport. The rounded bar leaves plenty of free space for your hands even when transporting tall, bulky items. Folded up, this incredible space-saver measures a mere 50 x 82 x 7.7 cm – ideal for garden sheds and small car boots.  


extra-wide, large profile wheels suitable for use on steps and on practically all outdoor terrain  
reinforced wheel mounts for high stability and shock absorption 
100 kg load capacity (max. 50 kg on steps) offers great versatility 
height-adjustable handlebar with practical central lock button is easy on your back 
3-point fixing with multiple fitting options offers securing options for every situation 
comfortable handling with plenty of space for your hands even when transporting bulky items thanks to the rounded handle bar 
sturdy cross bar facilitates tilting 
reliable transport of round items thanks to the curved cross bar and back panel  
unique folding mechanism for effortless folding and space-saving storage 

Technical data

Product height 1,100 mm
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 570 x 470 x 1,100 mm
Dimensions of folded product 500 x 90 x 820 mm
Working heights 1,100 mm
Dimensions of shovel 490 x 280 mm
Product weight 5.8 kg
Load-bearing capacity of hand truck 100 kg
Shops Article number Contents EAN
5503000 1 4006885550308
ID Name
115960560 Circular tube 5503
115980486 Spare part bag, pull rod 5501, 5503
115980577 Bungee cord assembly group, mounted 5500/1/3
115980737 Wheel mounting, left 5503
115980738 Wheel mounting, right 5503
116420012 Carrier plate 5501, 5503
116600443 Closing cap, tilt pipe 5501,5501765,5503
116700710 Hexagon socket head cap screw M6x80, DIN7991 5503,5515
116710020 Hexagon nut M6, DIN 985 self-locking 5503
117910164 Wheel 5503
118110058 Carrier plate sprocket 5500 - 5530
118110059 Wheel mounting sprocket 5500 - 05
140005503 Sleeve 5503