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TS 1000 Transport System

The all-rounder: hand truck and wheelbarrow

  • no longer available
  • universal hand truck with pneumatic wheels and option to convert to wheelbarrow
  • carries 150 kg as a hand truck, handles with protective guard and high support surface for tall items
  • carries 200 kg as a wheelbarrow, tilt-proof, stair-ready, ideal for heavy, long loads
Made in Europe

TÜV Rheinland GS

10 Jahre Garantie

Product description

With its clever design, the TS 1000 transport system combines two functions into one impressive product. With just a few hand movements, it can be transformed into a hand truck or a wheelbarrow. Giving you two usage options in one product. In both cases, the grip bar can be flexibly adjusted to the desired working height. As a hand truck, the TS 1000 is designed for loads of up to 150 kg. Thanks to its large, pneumatic wheels, the transport system negotiates steps with ease, and the adjustable tilt angle means that the load can be positioned optimally. When transporting round items such as tyres, flower pots, etc., the outwardly curved backplate proves extremely useful as it fits securely around the transported object. The shield on the handles protects your hands while manoeuvring from abrasions caused by scraping against walls. The well-dimensioned support surface is ideal for transporting large and tall items. With just a few hand movements, the TS 1000 can be converted into a wheelbarrow, offering you a conveniently low loading height. The best part? In combination with rectangular mortar buckets, the TS 1000 proves a versatile helper and can be used to easily transport loads of up to 200 kg. To extend the load surface, fold the base plate into the horizontal position. Folded down, the TS 1000 measures 61 x 80 x 52 cm, weighs just 15 kg, and will fit into any luggage compartment. 


2-in-1 function: flexible use as a hand truck and wheelbarrow – saves money and space  
quick-folding function for quick conversion and space-saving storage 
easy and comfortable transporting thanks to the pneumatic wheels 
stair-ready due to the flexibly selectable tilt angle  
hand truck function (150 kg load capacity): 
various handle positions enable optimal tilting and steering 
guard on the handles protects your hands – for safety when manoeuvring 
high support surface for transporting tall items 
reliable transport of round items thanks to the curved cross bar and back panel 
wheelbarrow function (200 kg load capacity): 
ideal for transporting long objects thanks to the folding base plate  
easy to load due to the low loading height  
tilt-proof due to optimal load distribution – ideal for heavy garden furniture, firewood, etc.  
compatible with many containers for use as a wheelbarrow 

Technical data

product width 610 mm
product length 550 mm
product height 1,260 mm
dimensions product (w x d x h) 610 x 550 x 1,260 mm
dimensions product folded 610 x 520 x 800 mm
product weight 15 kg
load-bearing capacity hand truck 150 kg
load-bearing capacity wheelbarrow 200 kg
wheel pneumatic-tyre wheels 

Shops Art.no. Content EAN
5520000 1 4006885552005


ID Name
115960410 Locking plate, wheel fixation 5520
115980306 Accessory bag, TS 1000 5520
115980530 Top assembly group, TS 1000 5520
115980891 Wheel fixation for TS 1000 without locking plate 5520
116100061 Packaging 5520
116110222 Sleeve 5520
116600882 Protective elbow 5520
116600883 Swivel joint, left 5520
116600884 Swivel joint, right 5520
116600892 Slide 5520
116610761 Radfixierung 5520 (116600881, 116610475, 115980891)
116710016 Self-tapping screw 6.3x45mm, DIN7983, 5520 (116700115, 116710187)
117920031 Pneumatic wheel with steel rim 260x85 mm 5520
119800541 Carrier plate assembly group 5520