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Compact Ear Protectors (CE)

For extended periods of use for light noise exposure, foldable

  • reduces ambient noise by 26 dB (SNR value -29 dB), H-30 dB, M-23 dB, L-15 dB – ideal for use on industrial machinery
  • adjustable red hard earmuffs with soft plastic cushions, size-adjustable headband, suitable for sizes M and L, foldable
  • high wearing comfort for extended periods of use
  • Sicherheit durch geprüfte Qualität gem. EN 352-1

Product description

The foldable wolfcraft Compact ear protectors in bright red have an insulating value (SNR) of 26 (H-30 dB, M-23 dB, L-15 dB) and offer you reliable hearing protection for heavy noise exposure. This makes them ideal for working with power tools and construction machinery as well as lawn mowers. With their low weight, the ear protectors are perfect for extended periods of use. The tilt of the earmuffs can be precisely adjusted to your needs by means of the two-point fasteners of the headband. The hard earmuff casings are padded with plastic cushions and ensure a pleasant fit. With the adjustable headband, you can quickly and easily adapt the hearing protection to your needs (size M or L). As part of your personal protective equipment, the ear protectors comply with the requirements of DIN EN 352-1. 


reduce ambient noise by 26 dB (SNR value -26 dB), ideal protection for light noise exposure  
H-30 dB, M-23 dB, L-15 dB – for hearing protection when working with power tools, construction machinery as well as lawn mowers 
low weight and soft plastic cushions for high wearing comfort, even for extended periods of use 
folding - for space-saving storage and transport 
adjustable headband for individual size adjustment (size M or L) 
two-point headband fastener for individual adjustment of the earmuff tilt and good sealing 
bright red colour for good visibility 
Sicherheit durch geprüfte Qualität gem. EN 352-1 

Technical data

dampening value SNR 26 dB
insulation value HML H 30 dB / M 23 dB / L 15 dB 
gemäß der Norm EN 352-1 
further product specification earmuff size M/L 
size adjustable 
foldable - space-saving storage 
explanation technical terms, standards Ear protectors cover the entire ear and are suitable if they have to be taken off and put on again frequently. 
The single number rating (SNR value) refers to the mean attenuation of the sound level in decibel. 
The HML values indicate the specific insulation in high, middle and low frequencies. 
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