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Replacement Filter A1P2 for Half-Mask Respirator

Ersatzfilter für Halbmaske

  • Schutzstufe A1P2
  • kompatibel mit der wolfcraft-Halbmaske (Art. 4850000)
  • Sicherheit durch kontrollierte Qualität gem. Norm EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008

Technical data

gemäß der Norm EN 143:2007, EN 14387:2008 
explanation technical terms, standards A1P2 filters protect against organic gas and vapour, as released from solvents, lacquers and glue, as well as against solid and liquid particles that are hazardous to health. The maximum admissible pollutant concentration is 10 times the MAK value. 
The MAK value (German abbreviation for maximum workplace concentration) is the maximum permitted concentration of a substance in the (breathing) air at the workplace in the form of gas, vapour or suspended particles, which is not considered hazardous to the health, even if one is usually exposed to such concentration 8 hours a day and a maximum of 40 hours a week. 


storage note air humidity <75%, temperature range +2°C - +55°C 
Shops Art.no. Content EAN
4852000 1 4006885485204