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Level for Folding Rules

For aligning pictures and workpieces

  • compatible with all commercially available folding rules
  • works similar to the spirit level principle
  • durable and robust plastic design
Made in Europe

Product description

This accessory from the 'Pimp my rule' range lets you use any commercially available folding rule as a spirit level. It is ideal for aligning workpieces or pictures horizontally. The level is set in high-quality, durable plastic. Simply slide onto the rule and your adjustment aid is ready to use. The water bubble shows you when the workpiece is correctly aligned. A clever aid for house, home and hobby use, which can easily fit into any drawer. 


high-quality plastic design for durability 
level with water bubble for horizontal adjustment 
geometry enables use with all commercially available folding rules 

tool area For all commercially available folding rules 

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