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“Fitting Laminate and Design Flooring” Essentials Package

Complete set consisting of universal angle & try square, contour gauge and laminate fitter

  • a practical set with 3 problem solvers for all challenges you face when accurately fitting laminate and design flooring
  • Contour gauge, laminate fitter and universal angle & try square from wolfcraft, at a special price
  • for a perfect surface finish with accurate wall edges and clean contours

Product description

The “Fitting Laminate and Design Flooring” essentials package from wolfcraft contains everything you need for accurately fitting laminate and design flooring. Universal angle & try square, contour gauge and laminate fitter are included. As soon as you reach the end of the first row, the universal angle & try square comes into play. With it, you can measure the correct length for the last board and transfer it to the material. To do so, align the universal angle & try square at the end of the edge; with the aid of the stop, you can now mark the position of the 90° cut. Thanks to the integrated rows of holes and scales, the universal angle & try square is also ideal for transferring square recesses. The contour gauge is indispensable if you need to take accurate measurements of unusual recesses, e.g. for heating pipes, and apply them to the board. It was developed especially for tracing and transferring cutting lines. With 91 fine tracer pins, you can duplicate contours with a width of up to 130 mm and a depth of up to 30 mm. After fixating the shape with the clamping lever, this traced contour remains reliably secured and you can easily transfer it in the next step. The contour gauge enables you to trace even complicated profiles precisely and transfer them to another workpiece. Measurement errors and inaccuracies are a thing of the past. When laying flooring, use the laminate fitter to mark out the cut on the last board for high-precision cutting. The stop, sliding wheel and spring-guided gliding elements make it easier to conveniently transfer dimensions with precision. Not only is the exact contour of the wall taken into consideration, but the expansion joints are also automatically incorporated. This rules out measurement errors from the beginning. The wide clamping width of up to 235 cm means you can use the laminate fitter for almost every wood flooring. You can adjust various dimensions of up to 250 mm directly on the bar. 


incl. universal angle & try square for measuring and transferring the correct board length at the end of each row and at square recesses 
flat square, angle measuring scale, parallel marker, marking stencil and drill guide for concealed hinges in one device – saves money and space 
removable plastic limit stop for precise working on surfaces or edges 
scale on both sides for easy reading in every position 
sturdy and durable thanks to high-quality metal design 
incl. contour gauge for tracing and transferring irregular cutting lines 
versatile thanks to the 91 tracer pins, for precisely tracing contours up to 130 mm wide and 30 mm deep 
clamping lever to securely fix the contour and for easy and precise transfer 
durable and robust thanks to the high-quality plastic design 
incl. laminate fitter for precise measurement and transfer of the width and contour of the last row of laminate 
sliding wheel and spring-guided gliding elements for precise and convenient adaptation to the wall profile  
extra-wide bar ensures stable placement of the board  
easy handling thanks to various options for dimension adjustments  
automatic consideration of the expansion joint to minimise the risk of mistakes 

Scope of delivery

Inhalt 1 universal angle & try square 300 mm 
1 contour gauge 
1 laminate fitter 
parts in the set 3 pcs. 

Shops Art.no. Content parts in the set EAN
6976000 1 3 pcs. 4006885697607