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Stair Gauge

For measuring steps

  • set for precise gauging of demanding step measurements and reliable transfer to the workpiece
  • flexible chain element for gauging curves of spiral staircases
  • spacing guide for expansion gaps and templates for the consideration of material additions

Product description

Renovating an old wooden staircase is one of the most ambitious DIY projects out there. However, the stair gauge dramatically simplifies the process of measuring the steps, even in old spiral staircases: it helps you to master unequal angles and curves as well as take account of expansion joints and material allowances with ease. The stair gauge combines the advantages of a stair spider with those of a conventional template or angular bevel gauge. Integrated expansion joint wedges and adapters for the material allowance (e.g. for the steps) complete the set. High-quality bolts with wing nuts hold the template securely in position so that you can transfer the dimension to the workpiece confidently and without errors. 


15 galvanised steel rails in different sizes for measuring stair steps 
bolts with wing nuts for easy handling in corners in particular and secure fastening 
flexible chain element for gauging curves of spiral staircases 
integrated expansion joint wedges and adapters for error-free consideration of material allowances 
secure, transportable fixing of the contour for easy and error-free transfer  

Scope of delivery

13 galvanised steel rails, round 
2 galvanised steel rails, pointed 
15 screws with wing nuts and washers 
1 flexible chain element 
6 spacing guides for expansion joints 
2 protrusion gauges 

Shops Article number Contents EAN
5210000 1 4006885521001

Data sheets

ID Name
116620556 Length stop 5210
116620557 Limit stop 5210
116620558 Base plate for limit stop 5210
119905210 Accessory bag 5210
143005210 Manual 5210