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Cross and Mitre Cut Saw Blades, brown series (fast, rough cuts)

Fast, rough cuts

  • diamond-polished TC saw blade with alternate toothing, negative rake and low number of teeth
  • for fast, medium-coarse rip and cross cuts through wood and chipboards
  • long service life and safe working

Product description

The cross and mitre cut blades of this series are ideal for work on wood and chipboards where fast processing is required and rough cutting quality is sufficient. The teeth are made from extremely heat-resistant, diamond-polished tungsten carbide (TC) for a long service life. The alternate tooth geometry also contributes to a long service life and ensures low-noise cutting. Due to the negative rake of the toothing, the material is pressed against the stop, thereby ensuring safe working. The low number of teeth achieves fast, rough cuts lengthways and crossways to the material grain. The blades have a bright-polished surface and shot-blasted tooth rim for a high visual impression. 

Suitable for material

Very suitable Wood, Chipboard 


extremely heat-resistant, diamond-polished TC saw blade for a long service life 
alternate toothing with negative rake for low-noise running, tear-free cutting edges ensuring safe working 
low number of teeth for quick, medium-coarse separating cuts through wood and chipboards 
bright-polished surface and shot-blasted tooth rim for a professional look 

Technical data

Material Tungsten carbide tipped 
Tooth shapes alternate tooth with negative rake 
Cut quality Fast, rough cuts 
According to standard DIN EN 847-1 
Additional product specification diamond-polished 
brightly polished surface 
Rockwell hardness of steel blade: HRC 40-44  
Shops Article number Contents Number of cutting edges Receptacle for bore Cutting width Working diameter Ø Speed of rotation, max. EAN
6550000 1 24 30 mm 3.2 mm 210 mm 5,500 RPM 4006885655003
6551000 1 24 30 mm 3.2 mm 216 mm 5,500 RPM 4006885655102
6553000 1 24 30 mm 3.2 mm 254 mm 4,000 RPM 4006885655300
6554000 1 24 30 mm 3.2 mm 305 mm 3,500 RPM 4006885655409
6552000 1 24 30 / 20 mm 3.2 mm 250 mm 4,000 RPM 4006885655201

Data sheets