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Brass Wire Wheel Brush

Suitable for material

Very suitable Non-ferrous metal 
Conditionally suitable Wood, Stone, Sheet steel, Metal 


for all fine grinding and polishing jobs 

Technical data

Working diameter Ø 75 mm
Wire length 15 mm
Wire diameter 0.3 mm
Brush bristle material Brass wire 
Facing version Wavy 
Speed of rotation, max. 4,500 RPM
Direction of rotation Clockwise rotation 
According to standard EN 1083-2 
Shops Article number Contents Shaft diameter Bristle height Shank version EAN
8475000 1 6 mm 7 mm Round shank 4006885847507
2110000 1 10 mm Hexagon shank A/F 6.35 mm (¼") 4006885211001