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Universal Wedges

The multifunction 2-in-1 wedges

  • can be used as spacing guides for expansion joints or as a wedge
  • push-fit connection for variable sizes in wedge or block shape
  • secure hold saves frequent re-adjustment of the joint and spacings
Made in Europe

Product description

The universal wedges from wolfcraft can be pushed together in 2 directions. This means you can combine these clever little helpers into either a flat spacing guide, or if both points are facing in the same direction, into a larger wedge. Thanks to the latching mechanism, you can determine the thickness of the spacing guide precisely and preset several wedges to the same dimension. Once inserted and adjusted, the wedges stay in position reliably and retain their thickness, so that you are saved the hassle of frequent re-adjustment. Ideal when laying parquet or laminate, when squaring windows and doors and for many other jobs. 


can be pushed together in 2 directions for use as a wedge or a spacing guide – hugely versatile 
latching mechanism for precise determination of the dimension 
hold securely together, dispensing with frequent re-adjustment 
durable and sturdy thanks to high-quality plastic design 

Technical data

material plastic 

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