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“Laying Laminate and Design Flooring” Essentials Package

Complete set consisting of pulling ledge, tapping block and 30 universal wedges

  • practical set of 3 problem-solvers for pulling together rows of laminate and design floorboards and creating an expansion gap around the outside
  • pulling ledge, tapping block and 30 universal wedges from wolfcraft at a special price
  • for a gap-free surface and uniform expansion gaps

Product description

The “Laying Laminate and Design Flooring” essentials package from wolfcraft contains everything you need for pulling together the rows when laying laminate and design flooring. It contains a pulling ledge, a tapping block and 30 universal wedges. A tapping block is indispensable for gap-free, even alignment of parquet and laminate boards. Simply place it against the face side of the plank and tighten the material with a targeted hammer blow to the contact surface. The tapping block is designed with a special longitudinal profile that is suitable for every plank thickness in order to optimally protect the tongue and groove. The pulling ledge comes into its own in areas adjacent to walls. Simply position it at the gap between the wall and board and give it controlled taps in the pulling direction with the hammer. This creates a perfect appearance. 3 felt pads underneath protect the material and ensure gentle use. Ideal for use at the ends of the room or to push laminate under the door frame to create a clean finish. Use the 30 universal wedges to create a expansion gap all around the flooring. They can be pushed together in 2 directions. This means you can combine these clever little helpers into either a flat spacing guide or into a larger wedge. Thanks to the latching mechanism, you can determine the thickness of the spacing guide precisely and preset several wedges to the same dimension. Once inserted and adjusted, the wedges stay in position reliably and retain their thickness, so that you are saved the hassle of frequent re-adjustment. Not only indispensable when laying parquet or laminate, but also ideal when squaring windows and doors and for many other jobs. 


incl. tapping block for gently pulling together rows of planks to create a gap-free surface 
special geometry protects tongue and groove 
versatile, as it is suitable for all commercially available laminate 
incl. pulling ledge for pulling boards together and adjusting them in the areas close to the walls 
durable, thanks to robust metal design  
3 felt pads underneath to protect surfaces 
incl. 30 universal wedges for creating an expansion gap all around the flooring 
can be pushed together in 2 directions for use as a wedge or a spacing guide – hugely versatile 
latching mechanism for precise determination of the dimension 
hold securely together, dispensing with frequent re-adjustment 
durable and sturdy thanks to high-quality plastic design 

Scope of delivery

1 tapping block 
1 pulling ledge 
30 universal wedges 
Parts in set 32 pcs. 
Shops Article number Contents Parts in set EAN
6975000 1 32 pcs. 4006885697508