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“Attaching Skirting Boards” Essentials Package

Complete set consisting of bevel and mitre box, Japanese saw and MG 200 caulking gun

  • 3 problem solvers for all the challenges involved in obtaining a perfectly cut and installed skirting board
  • bevel and mitre box, Japanese saw and MG 200 caulking gun of wolfcraft, at a special price
  • for ideally fitted baseboards and skirting boards with precise mitres

Product description

The “Attaching Skirting Boards” essentials package from wolfcraft contains everything you need for accurately measuring, cutting and fastening skirting board. It contains the bevel and mitre box, the Japanese saw and the MG 200 caulking gun. The bevel gauge and mitre box for measuring and sawing precise mitres is a clever 2-in-1 product that guarantees you perfectly fitted baseboards, eliminating the need for an angular bevel gauge. You will also save yourself the tedious and error-prone task of transferring the correct angle to the saw. Measure corners from 85 to 180° conveniently using the two moving arms. In the second step, place the baseboard in the guides provided and saw using the backsaw. The automatic angle bisector using 2 guide pins ensures precise mitres. Using the bevel and mitre box, you will be able to achieve perfect baseboard transitions even in the skew corners that old buildings have to offer. The Japanese saw from wolfcraft features a removable blade with teeth on both sides. It is ideal for cutting baseboards with the bevel and mitre box. The Japanese saw from wolfcraft cuts when pulled and enables fine cuts and easy sawing. Its double teeth make it very versatile. Use the fine teeth for transverse cuts and the coarse teeth for rip cuts. To attach the skirting boards to the wall, it's best to use a suitable construction adhesive in a 310 ml cartridge, which you can apply easily and reliably with the MG 200 caulking gun. The MG 200 is characterised by practical comfort features that help with fatigue-free working even over longer periods of use. 130 kg of pushing pressure makes it ideal for applying adhesives, silicone and acrylic. The two-component handle ensures a comfortable fit in the hand. The MG 200 is additionally equipped with a rotating grip sleeve. This means that you can flexibly rotate it into the best working angle during use. The automatic drip-stop function prevents undesired oozing of the material. This enables you to glue skirting boards accurately and cleanly. 


including bevel and mitre box for measuring angles and subsequently sawing precise mitres, e.g. for baseboards 
2-in-1 product, replaces bevel and mitre box and makes possible measuring and cutting in one work step 
2 moving arms for measuring angles of 85-180° 
integrated guide pins for the handsaw enable the precise and error-free sawing of mitres 
sturdy and durable thanks to high-quality design 
incl. Japanese saw for fast, effortless sawing in the bevel and mitre box 
thin, flexible saw blade, 240 mm, with teeth on both sides 
side for transverse cuts: 17 teeth per inch, pointed and precision ground 
side for longitudinal cuts: 8 teeth per inch, straight-set and precision ground 
removable handle for space-saving storage; long, ergonomic 2C version  
incl. MG 200 caulking gun for cleanly fitting the skirting boards with construction adhesive 
130 kg of pushing pressure for applying adhesive, silicone and acrylic from 310 ml cartridges with ease 
rotating grip sleeve permits rotation into the best working angle  
ergonomic two-component handle for fatigue-free working 
semi-open shell for easy cartridge changes 
automatic drip-stop function prevents undesired oozing of the material for cleaner results 

Scope of delivery

1 Bevel and Mitre Box 
1 Japanese Saw 
1 MG 200 caulking gun 
Parts in set 3 pcs. 
Shops Article number Contents Parts in set EAN
6977000 1 3 pcs. 4006885697706