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"Easy" Door Frame Jig

The clever helper for fitting doors

  • supports the frame during foam filling, ensures parallel alignment of the sides
  • attaches firmly to the door frame, stabilises it during fitting and facilitates alignment
  • compatible with all standard external door dimensions 610/735/860/985 mm
Made in Europe

10 Jahre Garantie

Product description

With potential savings of some 45-70 euro per internal door, fitting doors is an attractive DIY project that can be handled confidently and without mishaps using the EASY door frame assembly jig. The big advantage of this clever helper is that it can be fastened directly to the frame while the latter is still horizontal. This keeps it secure and stops it falling down when straightening and aligning the frame. Firmly locked into place on the sides, the Easy assembly jig also supports and protects the frame during transport and insertion. This useful fixing aid also ensures optimal vertical and horizontal alignment. This does away with the need for time-consuming adjustment using wooden shims or wedges. The EASY assembly jig is compatible with all standard external door dimensions 610/735/860/985 mm. 


fastened to the frame while still horizontal for secure fixing during straightening and alignment and for secure transport  
easy and precise vertical and horizontal alignment without any other aids  
compatible with all standard external door dimensions 610/735/860/985 mm 

tool area for all doors with a width of 600–1000 mm 

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