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Connector PRO/Easy One-Hand Clamp Adapter

For combining two one-hand clamps

  • combines two PRO or EASY one-hand clamps for a clamping width of up to 200 cm
  • easy combination and release at the push of a button
  • ideal for gluing furniture or assembling large components
Made in Europe

Product description

This clever adapter lets you combine two one-hand clamps from the PRO or Easy series into an extended XXL version that enables clamping widths of up to 200 cm. This saves you having to purchase a long and costly clamp. To combine, simply insert the respective ends of the one-hand clamps into the openings in the connector. For compatibility with the two series, the connector is equipped with an adapter sleeve that you simply remove to install the PRO one-hand clamp and re-insert to install the Easy one-hand clamp. The connection is secure and stable once the clamps engage. To release, simply push the button. The ideal cost-effective aid for gluing large pieces of furniture.  


2 adapter sleeves for compatibility with the PRO and Easy one-hand clamp series 
button for easy release  
sturdy and durable thanks to high-quality plastic design 

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