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MG 310 COMPACT Caulking Gun

The space-saving compact gun

  • lightweight and compact – fits into even the smallest toolbox
  • practical quick change holder for 310 ml cartridges, e.g. adhesive, silicone and acrylic
  • automatic drip-stop function prevents oozing
Made in Europe


Product description

Ultra-compact and ready to use in no time – this was the development brief for the MG 310 COMPACT, which is ideal for applying silicone, acrylic and adhesive thanks to a pushing pressure of 160 kg. Its space-saving design means it can fit into the smallest drawer or toolbox. The quick change holder lets you lock the cartridge into place in a flash with just one click. The cartridge can still be rotated, allowing you to flexibly adapt the working angle when grouting or gluing. The automatic drip-stop function prevents undesired oozing of the material when the gun is set down – for cleaner results every time the gun is used. 

Suitable for material

Very suitable Acrylic, Silicone, Adhesive 


quick change holder for fast insertion and changing of 310 ml cartridges 
160 kg of pushing pressure for applying silicone, acrylic and adhesive 
360° rotating grip sleeve permits rotation into the best working angle  
ergonomic two-component handle for fatigue-free working 
automatic drip-stop function prevents undesired oozing of the material for cleaner results 
high quality "Made in Europe" 

Technical data

Product dimensions (W x D x H) 351 x 88 x 176 mm
Discharge pressure 160 kg

Tool area For all 310 ml cartridges (Ø 50 x 225 mm)  

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4357000 1 4006885435704