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tecmobil Mobile Drill Stand

10 Jahre Garantie


Product description

The ideal accessory for your power drill, for precision drilling and hole sawing at given angles in any situation - on the wall, overhead, on slants, in round workpieces, battens and shaped sections. 


with connector for dust extraction - dust-free and precise drilling in every position 
straight guide for drilling a number of holes in a line 
additional handle for precise placement and to prevent skidding when drilling 
the versatile mobile drill stand can also be turned into a stationary drill thanks to the four holes in the base plate 
integrated V-groove for securely fixing round workpieces 
base plate with centring mechanism allows centred drilling 
no more searching for drill bits - drill bit stack inside handle 

Technical data

further product specification tiltable double guide bars with scale for precision drilling +/- 45° 
infinitely adjustable depth stop 
rubber buffers for stable hold on smooth surfaces 
with Euronorm collar Ø 43 mm 
machine area for all machines with Euronorm collar Ø 43 mm 


instructions Do not use as a router. 

Shops Art.no. Content EAN
4522000 1 4006885452206


ID Name
116110475 Packaging 4522
116320162 Manual 4522
116430120 Base plate 4522
116430121 Drill clamp 4522
116430122 Bracket 4522
116600901 Cap for handle 4522
116600902 Handle 4522
116600903 Dust extractor 4522
116900002 Allen key A/F5 4522
117200008 Guiding bar 4522
117610002 Pressure spring 170x14.5x1.2 mm 4522
117710142 Rubber foot 5550-5559, 6933, 6939, 6940, 4522
119900651 Accessory bag, base plate 4522
119900653 Accessory bag, power tool collar 4522