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Professional Dual Safety Knife with 18 mm Snap-Off Blade

Safe cutting of paperboard, cardboard and sheeting

  • 2 setting options: safety function or autolock
  • sturdy metal casing with ergonomic soft grip zone
  • suitable for all commercially available snap-off blades

Product description

The professional dual snap-off blade knife offers you two setting options for cutting work and safe household or DIY uses. The safety function automatically retracts the blade into the casing as soon as you release the slider. The blade stops when the autolock function is activated. This lets you choose the optimum setting for every application and means that you only need one tool for many different applications. The sturdy metal casing with the ergonomic soft grip zone sits comfortably in the hand when cutting. The blade guide is also made of metal, and gives the knife strength and durability. You can replace the blades with commercially available 18 mm snap-off blades effortlessly and without tools. 

Suitable for material

very suitable cardboard, paperboard, sheeting, soundproof insulation, thin carpet, render mesh 


2 setting options for a multitude of applications with just one tool 
optional autolock function for fixed blade 
optional safety function enables the blade to automatically retract as soon as the slider is released 
ergonomic soft grip zone for comfortable handling 
durable and sturdy thanks to metal casing and metal blade guide  
refillable and compatible with all commercially available 18 mm snap-off blades  
special blade holder allows fast, tool-free blade changes 

Technical data

blade type snap-off blade 
blade height 18 mm
number of segments
further product specification includes 1 snap-off blade with 8 segments 

Shops Art.no. Content EAN
4284000 1 4006885428409