Wooden deck building

Wooden boards as a floor covering for patios and outdoor areas are now a popular trend.

Instead of having cold tiles and grey concrete slabs, a superbly designed and stylish wooden deck together with wood's warm colouring will invite you outside to enjoy the first rays of the sun in early spring.

Care should be taken when planning the project and only top-quality components should be use.

This will not only ensure a professional, workmanlike and visually spotless result, but also the greatest possible pleasure you derive from this oasis of tranquility and relaxation. It is for this reason that wolfcraft has developed a completely new system for wooden deck building, which not only satisfies all structural requirements of modern wood construction, but will also make the laying as easy as the paneling of ceilings or walls. At long last, every do-it-yourselfer is now in a position to build his dream patio within a reasonable time, in an uncomplicated way and with an absolutely precise finish. The design of all system components will ensure a long service life for your new wooden deck, so that you can enjoy it for many decades to come. Not only does the system take the wood's natural properties into account, such as the swelling and shrinking of the wooden boards, it will also ensure that the wooden components are sufficiently ventilated to protect them against rotting and fungal decay in the long term. This practical guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to lay the new wolfcraft wooden deck system. It has never been easier to make your dream of an elegant wooden deck come true.

Wooden deck building

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