Laying laminate

The laying of laminate or parquet is increasing in popularity. With the simple click systems, the laying work itself is child play and homes shine in new splendour after investing just a short amount of time.

Although the laying work has become so easy, there are still DIY enthusiasts who do not tackle this subject. This is why we at wolfcraft have made the laying of parquet and laminate even simpler, faster and safer with our new products.

We have written this guide for you, so that you can convince yourself of just how easy to use our innovative laying aids are. On the following pages, you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to laying "wooden flooring". This guide is an ideal work of reference for all of your questions concerning the laying of parquet and laminate, due to its numerous photographs and many tips and tricks with which you can lay your dream floor faster and easier, with the clever new  wolfcraft products.

With this in mind, we wish much fun and success to all interested DIY enthusiasts and readers of this guide when laying their dream floors using wolfcraft products.