30 removal clips

2-in-1 function: marking aid and lid clamp

For fast and clean marking of removal boxes and convenient loading and unloading.

  • unambiguous marking of packed boxes using colour codes and living room pictograms
  • convenient loading of boxes thanks to clamping function for securing the lid of the box
  • boxes remain unscathed, ideal for later reuse or sale
  • space for individual labelling on the back
  • version: unbreakable design made of high-quality, strong plastic material
  • content: 4 clips with bathroom pictogram
    4 clips with kitchen pictogram
    4 clips with nursery pictogram
    4 clips with bedroom pictogram
    4 clips with living room pictogram
    10 non-specific clips, unlabelled
  • packaging: plastic bag on card

article list

article no. description EAN
5545000 30 removal clips 4006885554504