1 deck building set

Deck building set

The complete kit for fast and precise deck building.

  • The installation clamp is indispensable for aligning the deck boards speedily and precisely.
  • ensures together with the spacers a clean and accurate pattern of the deck flooring
  • for the precise positioning of the drill holes on the deck boards
  • for aligning the drill holes accurately
  • thanks to the depth stop perfect for series drilling; always the same depth of the countersink
  • content: 1 installation clamp
    1 deck board drilling guide, with 4 mm drill bushes made of hardened steel for guiding the drill safely
    1 screw starter, with countersink and 4 mm HSS drill
    5 spacers
    2 clamping jaws, for being used with installation clamp as one-hand clamp
  • packaging: plastic card

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