"We consider each of our employees as co-entrepreneur. Every single one of them gets actively involved and works towards attaining the common corporate targets. This is the way to offer room for everybody's own initiative and innovative thinking. It is the guarantee for implementing successful solutions in the interest of our customers."

(Thomas Wolff, Reinhard Wolff)

It is our advantage as an owner-operated family business to know our strong points, to further develop them and to exploit them systematically for our international marketing activities.

The wolfcraft label is both a commitment to, and a responsibility for, all the people working in the company, but also towards those who have always placed confidence in our competence as well as our products, which we wish to maintain.

We have defined our corporate target as follows: "wolfcraft – the leading manufacturer of innovative tools and the competent dealer in power tool accessories". We shall not lose sight of this target and work towards its attainment every day.

You provide us with the best ideas!

For us, innovation does not merely mean to develop "new" products, but "better ones". Any development of a product always starts by identifying the crucial problem and by conceiving the idea for a better solution.

We put ourselves into the role of the end consumer. As a result of our intensive market and customer research we are fully aware of the requirements our products are expected to meet. It is you who make us continuously learn and who require us to find new ways of thinking.

The typical wolfcraft design of our products is synonymous with high ergonomy and excellent functionality. Each of our development is aimed at offering a product as "the best" of its class in the market.

Whether in R&D, in Production, in Sales & Marketing, or in the administration: Our employees are not "just" our most important capital – they are more!

"The employees as co-entrepreneur": The wolfcraft model was initiated in the early 1970s and has prevailed until this very day. It offers our employees the chance to contribute pro-actively to the corporate success and to benefit from it – in the form of a profit sharing scheme for all employees.

Our corporate climate distinguishes itself by an open information policy, by the objective and critical discussions among staff members, by their permanent willingness to deepen their knowledge and by the pleasure they gain from jointly looking for solutions.

This form of involving the employees as well as the concentration of their skills and abilities on the "common cause" will ensure that we can attain our targets in an effective and precise way.


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