wolfcraft – Corporate history

Right from the beginning in search for the better solution!

It all began with the claim to continuously improve tools and equipment. In the course of more than 60 years, our methods and technologies have always been adapted to the current and changing needs.

However, our company's prime objective has remained the same until this very day: The development and improvement of tools and equipment are aimed at making work easier and at continuously enhancing the quality of our products.

This ambition has always been retained and is reflected in the internal organisation, in the work processes as well as in the result-oriented cooperation between all departments and employees. It is our objective to offer permanent benefits to the market and to each individual customer with our products.

History 1949–1982

1949 Establishment of the company in Remscheid by Robert Wolff (* 28 January 1921 in Remscheid; † 2 March 2010), a toolmaker and technical draftsman by trade.
1956 Development of a new technique for the production of files and rasps.
1961 The first tools for do-it-yourselfers are introduced in the market under the trade name of "wolfcraft".
1965 Move from Remscheid to Weibern.
1968 The sales volume exceeds DM2m.
1969 The first appliance is ready for serial production
1972 Presentation of wolfcraft's first drill stand generation.
1973 Start of the employee model.
1976 Opening of the new central warehouse at Kempenich; the total sales volume exceeds DM20m.
1982 The 2nd management generation in the persons of Reinhard and Thomas Wolff starts running the company; the total sales volume exceeds DM50m.

History 1986–2017

1986 A sales office is opened in Chicago. "variotec", the first wolfcraft machine table, is launched in the market. Robert Wolff is awarded the Diesel Medal in Silver.
1989 Subsidiaries in France, Britain and Italy.
1990 Second production site in Slovakia.
1992 New logistic center for Europe at Kempenich; the sales volume exceeds DM100m.
1995 The company headquarter is moved to the new administrative building at Kempenich. Market launch of the first wolfcraft clamping table. The sales volume exceeds DM150m.
1998 The wolfcraft one-hand bar clamp sets new standards on the market.
2003 The TS 800 hand truck enters the international market for transportation systems.
2008 The product groups "Laminate" and "Dry construction" are the first offers with a complete range of wolfcraft products.
2011 wolfcraft establishes itself as "best known DIY label among hand tools". *
2012 The International Hardware Fair, in cooperation with the Bundesverband Deutscher Heimwerker-, Bau- und Gartenfachmärkte e.V. (Federal Association of German DIY Building and Garden Specialist Stores), has awarded the Sustainability Prize for effective corporate management.
2017 inauguration of a new logistics warehouse in Kempenich with approx. 4,000 square meters and 5,000 pallet bays.

* Institut für Freizeitwirtschaft GmbH, Effizientes Marketing bei Heimwerker-Kunden, München, 2010

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