About us

wolfcraft GmbH was founded by Robert Wolff in 1949 and helped establish the do-it-yourself industry in Germany. It operates as a manufacturer and supplier of tools and electrical tool accessories. Hardware stores and specialist dealerships rank among its main customers. The company management is headquartered in Kempenich in the Eifel mountains.

wolfcraft primarily produces in its own factory in Weibern, as well as in Malé Dvorniky (Slovakia). In order to limit the worldwide transport of goods and the CO2 emissions it entails, European production facilities are used in preference of production capacities from the Far East.

wolfcraft is an internationally active company with an export share of 65 % and its own sales force in many European countries as well as a great many trade and distribution partners worldwide.  

With over 630 employees working in more than 50 countries, the company has received numerous awards for its products, including a "red dot design award" for its "One-hand clamp" and "Quickfix". wolfcraft offers around 3,000 items at present.

We have made it! wolfcraft is the most popular DIY brand among manual tools

According to a survey among 2.000 active DIY households, we have reached a leading position. As part of a study conducted between July 2009 and June 2010, the Institute for Leisure Economics (Institut für Freizeitwirtschaft)* established the degree of popularity the manufacturers in our industry have acquired. As a result of the 52 percent we have achieved together with a manufacturer of tools for commercial purposes, we have acquired a top position in the ranking and are the most famous label for do-it-yourselfers. This will encourage us to continue producing top-quality products as before – always in search for the best solution.

* Institut für Freizeitwirtschaft GmbH, Effizientes Marketing bei Heimwerker-Kunden, München, 2010

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